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Happy Carrot Skincare

Happy Skin, Happy Planet

Raspberry 100% plant based Carrot Leaf Melon Smile Cruelity Free Raspberry Earth Friendly Vegan Carrot Leaf Carrot

Welcome to Happy Carrot Skincare and our award-winning range of skincare superheroes! Our vegan skincare designed specially for combination skin will make your skin glow with health and happiness!


We believe in positivity, so our plant-based skincare is designed to make you smile. It’ll keep your skin calm, nourished and oh-so-happy. It’s also planet-friendly made with upcycled ingredients, making it one more thing to be happy about!

Ingredients that won't block pores
Soothe and calm troubled combination skin
Free from fragrance and most allergens
Protect 100m² of rainforest with every sale

Happy Skin

We carefully select our wonderful plant-based ingredients to keep combination and even troubled skin calm and happy.

Our superhero range is chock full of gorgeous natural ingredients high in anti-oxidants that will calm and nourish your skin without blocking pores. We believe in the power of simplicity, and when it comes to looking after your skin, less is definitely more. All of our superheroes have a maximum of 10 plant-based ingredients designed to keep your skin clear and moisturised and help you glow with natural plant power.

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Our Awards

Happy Planet

Sustainability is one of our 3 core values and for us, saving the planet is just as important as saving your skin! Did you know that all the cold pressed oils we use are all upcycled from food and drink waste and they also come from Europe? Plus our pots are made from 100% recycled plastic, and most labels can be composted?

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Cruelity free Plum 100% Plant Based Happy skin Less is more Vegan Carrot leaf Raspberry

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Our Superheroes

Vegan facial balm with carrot extract

Incredible Carrot Hero Balm

Our best selling one-pot wonder face balm with carrot extract. Formulated to calm and nourish combination and even troubled skin.

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Award winning Incredible Carrot Hero Balm

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Victoria Carpenter

Who we are?

Hey! I’m Victoria, the natural skin loving, planet adoring, vegan founder of Happy Carrot Skincare.

Happy’ I want to help people on their way to having happy skin and ‘Carrot’ because I believe in simple but awesome plant-based ingredients, where natural plant power shines through. My passion lies in fabulous upcycled plant ingredients that reduce waste and that skin absolutely loves too!

I’ve managed to massively improve my own skin issues after struggling with hormonal acne. Using amazing  ingredients from plants, I managed to get my happy and healthy skin back so now I want to help you do the same!

Here, you’ll always find simple yet effective skincare designed for combination or acne prone-skin that puts your skin and the planet as a priority.

Orange you glad you found us? I’d love to hear from you, so find me on Instagram or drop me an email any time!